Rates and Services

Standard Service

Our base courier service, Regular deliveries are guaranteed to arrive by the end of the business day  $15 minimum.

Rush Service

Our mid-level courier service, Rush deliveries are guaranteed to arrive locally within a few hours $20 minimum.

Top Priority Service

Our fastest courier service, Priority deliveries are direct-run shipments which are made as quickly as our vehicle can make the trip  $25 minimum.

Scheduled Routes

Court Filing & Record Retrieval

Small Packages

Architecture Plans



Mail Pick Ups

& More!

Additional Charges

Wait Time

Wait Time- Courtesy up to 10 minutes, $5.00 per 10 minute intervals extra.

Incorrect Address

$1.00 per mile to correct address.

Weight surcharge

No charge up to 50 lbs. $2.50 per 10 lb. increment additional.